Perfect Project LLC is a training and research institution specialized in the field of education and training projects, both at a national and international level which employees have more than 11 years of experience in the field of higher education, vocational trainings, formal and non-formal education. Perfect Project LLC was created to support education especially through individually tailored trainings.

The three main pillars of the company's activities in this field are based on the fundamental aspects of education, namely:

  • adult education - by regular and on demand training courses
  • secondary education - by supporting vocational training centers and schools in the region
  • development of civic attitudes and social activities through information, transfer of knowledge and preparing entities and individuals to greater absorption of external funds for their development

One of the major goals of Perfect Project LLC is to improve accessibility and quality of vocational and adult trainings, by specially designed methodologies, procedures and methods. We are capable to create tailor-made training for every participant.

We also care about SMEs needs and their effective cooperation with education and higher education system with the positive effect on attractiveness of trainings at European level.

We invite you to get to know our team:



Grzegorz Orlowski - Chairman of the Board - Perfect Project LLC
A graduate of international studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Responsible for the whole of the company's activity, cooperation with domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and cooperation with vocational schools. Member of many committees and working groups related to vocational training at national and regional level.



Michal Sredzinski - Member of the Board - Perfect Project LLC
Manager MBA business studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bialystok. Author and coordinator of soft and infrastructure projects concerning education and entrepreneurship. At present, he analyzes the competency needs of employers and educational opportunities of schools in cooperation with governing bodies with a focus on the directional education and quality of human capital on the labor market.



Justyna Fidrocka - Member of the Board - Perfect Project LLC
Graduate of the University of Bialystok. In Perfect Project since 2014, from the beginning associated with the development team. For more than 7 years she has been responsible for co-operating with vocational schools to prepare and implement development programs for them.


Adrianna Kolosowska - ESF projects Coordinator
Higher education in Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Bialystok. Experience in EU projects. Responsible for the preparation of project documents, planning and organizing project activities, monitoring and control of project activities, consultations with partners, organizing partner meetings. Fluent knowledge of English in speech and writing and basic knowledge of Spanish and Russian.



Maciej Piech - Coordinator of foreign mobilities, ESF and Erasmus+ projects
A graduate of the Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Management Engineering, majoring in Logistics. With Perfect Project LLC has been cooperating since 2015. Coordinator of logistics in projects co-financed by the European Union. Project coordinator and tutor of apprenticeships for vocational schools organized in Poland and abroad. In his spare time he is a fan of fantasy books and sports.



Justyna Strzalkowska - ESF projects Coordinator
Graduate in Economics and International Economic Relations. A scholarship holder of the Rector of the University of Bialystok. She has education in accounting, HR and payroll. Currently, she coordinates and settles projects financed from European funds. Thanks to several years of experience in the preparation of grant applications, she successfully obtains funds for the implementation of projects. Trainer in the field of economic education. Organizer of events with the participation of international motivational speakers.



Edyta Kulbacka - Erasmus+ projects Coordinator
A graduate of the MA program in Economics, bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Econometrics at the University of Bialystok. Coordinator of company events and projects implemented under the Erasmus + program. She spends her free time on the analysis of capital markets and reading contemporary literature.