Erasmus+ KA2 PL-LT-LV

Project consortium:
Perfect Project Sp. z o.o., Białystok, Poland
Profesinio mokymo centras “Zirmunai”, Vilnius, Lithuania
Daugavpils Tirdzniecibas profesionala vidusskola, Daugavpils, Latvia

Project period 01/11/2019 – 31/10/2021

The main objective of the project is to bring the results of vocational training in the catering industry to the needs of the labor market over a period of 24 months. The main objective will be achieved when we achieve the following specific objectives:
– improving the quality and effectiveness of vocational education in the catering industry in response to current trends,
– developing new skills for already practicing educators and equipping them with competences and knowledge necessary to provide high quality educational services and in response to current trends,
– increasing the social mission to promote vocational training that meets the needs of European employers and a healthy lifestyle.


Current project news


Second Transnational Project Meeting within “vetDIET” project planned for 27th March 2020 is supposed to be cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic in Europe. The meeting date is changed for 5th June 2020.

Project teams changed their work mode to remote and all project activities are carried out normally according project schedule.



Dissemination meeting in Vilnius

On Wednesday (12.02.2020r.) in Vilniaus Simono Konarskio gimnazija took place a meeting with school teachers. The visit was aimed at presenting the work and showing the results achieved under the project “vetDIET“. Sharing the results made it possible to reach the group of recipients from abroad with information about our activities and about the Erasmus + program, and additionally expanded the impact of the organization, gives opportunities for the development of new partnerships and raises the prestige of our institution.

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Dissemination activities.

On 20th January we had a meeting with 18 vocational teachers from Klaipeda and Liepaja. During the meeting we had a possibility to share information about project and disseminate project outcomes.



Project consortium has started preparing report containing research and analysis about current dietary trends within project. Report’s elements:
1. “Healthy and unhealthy food” – introduction, basic definitions, cooking methods that retain nutrients, main principles of healthy eating on an example Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
2. “Food trends” in vocational school curricula on an example school from Poland and Latvia.
3. “Food trends” in restaurant menu and generally gastronomy sector on an example companies from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
4. Latest trends in healthy food system and people expectations. Dietetic Trends 2020.

Report preparation is planned for June 2020.



We as a Perfect Project and Project Partner from Daugavpils are acting as a Sending Intitutions in our project. So, one of the most important project stages is enrollment of participants to the project.


The regulations concerning enrollment of participants to the project (in the Polish language):

Regulamin / Formularz zgłoszeniowy / Deklaracja uczestnika / Oświadczenie o wizerunku

The regulations concerning enrollment of participants to the project (in the English language):

Regulations / Participation form / Declaration of participation / Statement for use of image

Recruitment schedule: 04.02.2019 – 31.03.2020.



First Transnational Project Meeting within “vetDIET” project took place on 19th November 2019 in Hotel BOSIR in Bialystok. The meeting was attended by representatives of:
– Perfect Project Sp. z o.o.,
– Daugavpils Tirdzniecibas profesionala vidusskola,
– Profesinio mokymo centras “Zirmunai”.

The main aspects discussed during the meeting are: project introduction (purpose and character of the project), project administrative issues (timeline and financial issues, management activites, reports, short trainings, transnational project meetings, confirmation of visit, monitoring of the project, cooperation between partners and role of each project partners), dissemination, partner’s disscusion, presentation of dissemination strategy, preparing „to do“ list and dates of the meetings 2020.

Please check 1st TPM documentation: project minutes /meeting dates in 2020 /meeting agenda.

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