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“EDUTRONIX – Interactive Education Module for Mechatronics”

Project consortium:


Our next Key action 2 project priorities are as follows:

1. The project of model for teaching mechatronics (with on-line access)

To be able to create an interactive educational module, at the outset we must therefore design a project model of such “thing”. So we need to define and identify the needs of the participants of vocational training (future mechatronics) and partner organizations, their suggestions and the actual needs of the labor market.

We plan to do it by:

  1. Modeling the system using different methods to determine the most effective solution;
  2. Use of physical modeling languages, graphs bonds, etc.;
  3. Use of the hardware description language;
  4. Use of simulations available for modeling and simulation of selected mechatronic systems.

Database of the project blueprint is available on-line and recorded on DVD.

2. Development of model assumptions to be used for education purpose

The result will be a Report about created design of a model for education in mechatronics considered as an interactive educational module capable of teaching participants in training processes to learn the design of products and technology of creating industrial goods in a more efficient manner.

Functions that can be used in vocational training through appropriately selected functionality and algorithms of work and adjustment capabilities will in this case analyze the effects and impacts of the model on education processes, rather than removing the causes of the irregularities.

Report is available on-line.

 3. Project of possible model use in enterprises

The application of the practical use of some solutions in mechatronics is more, and some less common, and thereby less needed for labor market in enterprises, so in engineering related to the design, manufacture and operation of the model should take into account the need for solutions for the construction of the module based on the experience of companies in mechatronics industry.

Report will be prepared as a result which will include:

  1. Competition in mechatronics on a global scale,
  2. The analysis of product quality,
  3. The technical level of production of modern machines, equipment, and methods of construction,
  4. Finding methods to reduce costs and increase productivity using model,
  5. Development of technology, machinery, equipment, methods and tools supporting the further development and production using knowledge based on model.

Report is available on-line.

 4. Software and a set of assumptions for vocational training using a model

The concept design for software of such interactive educational module involves:

  1. Structure of elements that perform the most important functions of the module;
  2. The structure of the interface elements that define the boundaries of the module (student/machine/teacher), system interfaces, and environmental and boundaries between subsystems in electronic and mechanical;
  3. The structure of activities, including software instructions for the programmable elements and the expected behavior of the operator;
  4. The basic mechanical structure and arrangement of the elements, the project forms industrial production method and so on.

The structure of activities shall contain information about the software instructions which control elements and the expected behavior of the system operator – a student under the supervision of a teacher. Based on previous results we will be able to describe more precisely what we mean by the design concept and understand its use in vocational training in mechatronics technician profession.

Software on DVD and information available on-line

5. Preparation of an interactive module and the technical documentation

A key feature of the output is to build real and physical interactive educational module for teaching mechatronics.

On the basis of experience with previous results of intellectual work during the design and construction of mechatronic systems, it is required to balance with multi-disciplines of mechanical (mechanical engineering, precision engineering, technical mechanics), electrical equipment (microelectronics, power electronic, sensor technology, measurement techniques, actors) and information technology (systems theory, automation technology, software design, artificial intelligence).

The module will carry out vocational training to new level which would be difficult or even impossible to achieve using traditional approach. Dissemination of solutions requires a new conception of educational activities and vocational education in mechatronics with use of models that will not only teach, but also assess educational progress of training participants.

Physical object – “the module” with database, software and instructions of use on DVD are disseminated.

 6. An innovative program using interactive educational module in mechatronics

The concept of the training program is going to be based on so-called “teaching experimental” (learning by doing for action), in which strategy is to gain knowledge and skills by active forms of learning through practical problem-solving, rather than the classic memory mastering of facts.

Therefore, this program distinguishes a large number of experiments, exercises and technical projects based on the use of interactive educational module in the learning context of vocational subjects, but also in physics, mathematics, or computer science. It can be assumed successfully assumption that develop among participants in vocational training in mechatronics skills of design and construction on module shall allow the independent investigation to understand their technical issues in different areas.

The program includes program instructions in all stages covered by the support under the project partners supervision. Not only teachers of vocational subjects, but also teachers of physics or computer science can take inspiration from innovative forms of implementation of tasks using an interactive educational module, using CAD software, microprocessors, robots, etc.

An innovative program of use of interactive educational module in mechatronics will have a huge impact on students learning in the field of mechatronics, which directly correspond to building a future engineering and technical personnel of economy and labor market.

Educational program of using “the module” and its software by vocational schools described on DVD will be distributed by mailing lists and via Internet.