February meeting

Posted by on February 28, 2016

19th of February in Vilnius was held a meeting of partners. There was a presentation of the materials and the next – the last topics developed by our team. We discussed the preparatory activities for training. Has been presented model of questionnaires, which proposes to be given for Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish employers (the study of the needs and problems).
The materials in an interactive manual designed to improve the quality of teaching in vocational schools. How do you think, this manual can affect the improvement of quality of education for company employees?


  1. The working process within the project has been continuing to be implemented. Many thanks to Lithuanian team for a great seminar organization. We appreciate it highly.

    Kind greetings from the Latvian team :-)

  2. Dear all, as we were present at this presentation the manual looks interesting and promising. In further Intelectual Outputs we all probably will have an opportunity to see how it affects employees on “real market”. As for now we will try to widespread the info and materials in dissemination activities.

    Thanks again for your efforts and see you all in Poland at the end of this week.

  3. Dear Partners,
    We are happy that you had a fruitful meeting in Lithuania and hope you share the results of it at our next meeting this week.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Łomża.
    Kind regards,
    ZSEiO Team