The third phase started

Posted by on October 29, 2015

Lithuanian team started its work. It is planned to develop 10 themes. This month has been developed extensive preface and the first topic: “Development of information technologies and telecommunications. Their impact on business”. Soon topics will appear on the platform. We look forward to collaborating and proposals to create new themes.

Best regards,
Lithuanian team


  1. Dear project participants,

    we sincerely wish the Lithuanian team a successful 3rd project phase development. We believe your proposed tasks on MOODLE platform will be useful for vocational students’ purposeful studies. See all of you on the 6th of November in Daugavpils.

    Kindest regards,
    Latvian team

  2. Dear All,

    As for now our team is focused on dissemination of our common project as we agreed during last International Partners Meeting.

    Some of the schools are really interested about our outputs and about project in general, so we are sending them more info on demand. Please remember about those dissemination activities on your site as well :)

    Wishing all of you a fruitful meeting,
    Perfect Project Team

  3. Dear All,

    we wish the Lithuanian Team a fruitful time working on their part. We will be happy to offer you any support you need and will be looking forward to seeing the first outcomes of your work at our next international meeting.

    At the time being we are busy preparing the dissemination materials and thinking what changes may be made in the Moodle Platform main page to make it clearer for our future guests.

    Best regards,

    ZSEiO Łomża Team