Developing “the method”

Posted by on July 1, 2015

Dear colleagues,

The method development process has been continuing.

Thanks a lot to our friends for a hospitable and warm welcoming in Lithuania, Baltoji-Vokė. Without any doubts this productive meeting has given fresh and creative impulses. And we hope that our worked out method will be a reliable base for formulated aim implementation while using MOODLE platform.

We wish you and your families warm and bright summer days!

Kind regards, Latvian team


  1. Dear Partners,

    As we would like to add also some informations and materials to dissemination platform created by European Commission, please give us a hint when your summer holidays are about to finish … not to bother you before that time ;)

    We just need some informations and maybe some aditional photographs or movies since the begining of our common projects (but not necessary only from International Partners Meetings).

    Just send us an e-mail and we will explain what exactly do we need.

    As for now make a good use of the weather and summer holidays,
    Perfect Project Team

  2. We are pleased that our hospitality was appreciated, so we are looking forward to your in future too. From the comments can be seen that the second phase of the project is almost finished, so congratulations to the Latvian team. Oh God, how fast time flies.
    And as always summer ends the fastest, how bad :)
    We let know perfect project team when we return from the holidays, and be sure, we send you all the necessary information and documents.

    Let’s enjoy another summer month,
    Lithuanian team

  3. Dear Partners,
    Thanks again for the warm welcome and productive meeting in Lithuania. We are happy to see that everything is going well.
    While enjoying the rest of the summer holidays, we will be thinking about our common areas and trying to improve the Moodle Platform.
    All the best,
    ZSEiO Team