Dissemination in Lithuania

Posted by on April 8, 2017

Regarding international dissemination seminar “Teaching quality improvement of vocational education institutions in the context of international cooperation”, Baltoji Vokes, Lithuania we would like to thank all the partners for closing of hard work during the Intelectual Output results preparation and for very warm hosting us there. We as a Perfect Project are still working on “our part of the job” to make it final before conference in Lomza in Poland.

Please till that time verify with us all the outcomes and courses of the project on the Moodle platform adopted to modern educational processes in vocational schools you can find on: http://ekonomik-lomza.moodle.org.pl

All the best,

Perfect Project Team


  1. We also would like to thank our Lithuanian Partners for hosting us and for the atmosphere durring the dissemination event.
    As Moodle platform is constantly developing we would go deeply into it again and send you our final remarks before conference for sure.
    Latvian Team

  2. Dear All,
    We did our best to prepare all the speaches and to disseminate our project idea and its outcomes before and durring the seminar. We would like to thank you all for a good words about it and we are happy that we manage to fullfil the expactations, as it was not easy at all ;)
    Our final remarks about courses will also be prepared before conference.
    Thank you and see you in Poland
    Lithuanian Team