Done half the work

Posted by on December 21, 2015

Pleased to announce that we have already created 12 themes from the 16 planned. We invite you to read them. We would also like to know your opinion about training we had in Lomza? Were they helpful? Did you learn something new? Would you like more training in the future?
At the end we would like to wish you warm Christmas and happy New Year. Let this year bring positive results and high satisfaction from the ongoing work.

Best regards,

Lithuanian team.


  1. Dear Partner,

    the training was really very useful both for pupils and teachers. If it is not a problem please consider also the remarks we had from entrepreneurs.

    Below please find a link to documents from our research and meetings concerning the cooperation of vocational schools with the business environment. It is based on the example of the Podlasie province and proposals on existing cooperation and development opportunities resulting from market needs.

    They contain the main issues of cooperation and guidance coming from entrepreneurs and business environment aswering the question “How you can effectively expand this cooperation?”.

    Our common goal is to work for the pupils to help them find themselves on the labour market. We hope it can help us to prepare materials, and then our trainings.

    Please find link below:

    Best regards,
    Perfect Project Team

  2. We’re really pleased to see the results you have already produced. We check the materials out regularly and think that you are doing a great job.

    The training session was certainly useful and we look forward to sharing your ideas with us in the future.

    @Perfect Project: thanks for the documents. We will have a closer look at it and consider the suggestions for sure, as we agree that our common goal is to help pupils in terms of placing themselves on the labour market.

    Best regards,
    ZSEiO no 6 Team