Employers trainings

Posted by on May 23, 2017

Perfect Project has started in the end of April and for the whole May will continue to develop project actions focused on conducting trainings in the premises of employers regarding the use of the strategic training system on project Moodle platform.

As for now we are already after 4 such trainings in companies: Ideal, MPO, Lakis and GASTRO. It was great experience and it also showed some things which need to be developed on our project platform. We are alredy working on that.

Untill the end of May still two big players on the market will be trained: representatives of Bialystok Technological Park and IBIS Hotel.

Please find all the reports (in Polish) at the top of our project website.


Perfect Project Team


  1. Dear Perfect Project,
    it is great part of work you are doing. The language of the reports is not a problem, as we have translated it via Google Translate because it is in .pdf
    It gives good knowledge how does the outcomes of the project can be used in real environment of companies.
    All the best,
    DTS Team

  2. Dear Partner,
    for us the language of the reports is deffinitely not a problem :) Please keep us updated as it looks really interesting when we are finally going out with our results.
    It would be great if durring that training they can also see the courses prepared by us (e-marketing). Please show it both for employers and schools in the future trainings.
    Best regards,
    Lithuanian Team