Finishing 2nd phase

Posted by on September 1, 2015

Dear project participants,

we wish you a highly productive school year, with all the exciting possibilities that it brings. :-)

We are now at the final stage of method development process for MOODLE usage. The handbook, which has been created by our group, will consist of more than fifty-three pages. See you soon in Lomza, Poland on the 18th of September!
Kind greetings,
Latvian team


  1. Dear all,
    we are really curious how does the method looks like as your recent ideas presented on last meeting was really good and fresh according to that what we found browsing the Web generally.

    Durring the meeting we will also try to ask and specify what kind of materials based on your method will the Lithuanian Team prepare as we would like to start our work with IT technicians working on the courses as soon as possible.

    Warm greetings,
    Perfect Project Team

  2. Dear all,
    we’re looking forward to seeing you in Lomza tomorrow. We hope we have a very productive meeting and will move our Project another step forward.
    Best regards,
    ZSEiO Team