Forthcomming meeting – see you all in Daugavpils :)

Posted by on February 8, 2017

For all of us just to remind that on 17 February 2017 there will be held the international meeting at the Latvian Partner in Daugavpils. At the meeting we will continue to discuss the effects of implemented courses and make comments and corrections to them. The study materials in English will also be taken into account and made for possible comments by Leader and Partners. If there is an issue that you believe should be included in the agenda of the meeting, please feel free to comment below.
Perfect Project Team


  1. The second course Communication has been successfully finished.
    We are eager to start the third/final course. Wishing all involved parties a lot of success!
    Kind regards,
    Latvian team

  2. Dear All,
    as stated before we deffinitely would like to discuss the preparation of materials with professional English language as our pupils have no opportunity to do this kind of courses via Moodle before.
    The forthcomming meeting hosted by our Latvian Partner will be a great opportunity to do it. Please add that point to the agenda if possible.
    Best regards,
    Lithuanian Team

  3. Our students have also finished their second course, Business Ethics. It was a bit more challenging than Communication and they liked it.
    We are particularly interested in Business English Exercises and can’t wait to see them.
    See you all in Daugavpils!
    ZSEiO Lomza Team