Forthcomming tasks – comments of Latvian participants

Posted by on June 3, 2015

Moodle platform usage is one of the most perspective solutions in a modern learning process. It is essential to understand how to use this platform relevantly during set objectives fulfilment at vocational educational establishments. How high is coefficient of efficiency using opportunities of the platform, for example during laboratory works or another practical tasks.

Our wish to all participants, let’s be tolerant and respectful to each other during our project implementation and final conclusion achievementt. Now it is summer time – the most brilliant season of the year. Let’s our plans come true.

Good luck and see you in Lithuania.
Regards, Latvian team


  1. Our main task for now is let you, the Latvian team, work. We are always open to new ideas and respect you and appreciate the effort you put into the method development and the whole project as a whole.
    The method you are working on needs to be clear and so well-described and thought over that no one will doubt it; don’t forget it needs to be innovative for every school. So please be open to suggestions and we will manage to get through the task together.
    We hope the next meeting will bring more clarification into the method description. We will do our best to support you.

    See you soon.
    ZSEiO Lomza Team

  2. Dear Partners,

    we just wanted to wait until the next International Partners Meeting the Leader mentioned above, before we add a comment and it was worth it. ;)

    Our team and I hope everybody else get more clarification than ever about what is going to happen during this phase of the project.

    And we finally manage to reveal what is hiding under “method” we are suppose to use especially with Latvian Team and Leader help. It was also crucial for Lithuanian Team to know the details as they will be next in the row to develop materials for the platform.

    Thank you all for becoming a Team together and for such an International Partners Meetings we will definitely miss.

    All the best and lets keep in touch here as well as on Moodle platform.
    Perfect Project Team

  3. First of all, we want to thank you all for the excellent work and well spend time. The meeting was really useful and fun.We find out a lot of important questions for us. Now we can start our work.
    At first glance it seems that the preparation of materials is not difficult work, but when the material needs to be tailored to the designed platform and ready methods, this work seems not so easy. However, before the next meeting we hope to find and discuss joint training programs.
    Finally, we wish good ideas and good performance for the Latvian team, and good luck to all of us.

    Best regards,
    Lithuanian team