“Last Lap” before the completion of work on the trainings

Posted by on September 24, 2016

During last International Partners Meeting on 16th September 2016 framework plan of the meeting included presentation of three courses prepared by the PP Bialystok, where there was invited authors of the courses to present its possibilities and technical side.

Then the work continued with the use of tool (platform) and prepared courses in 3 areas.

We discussed issues related to the implementation of courses, a discussion on the effects of the implementation of courses, seminars with foreign partners and dates for the next meetings of the Leader and Partners.

Once again we managed to achieve a fruitful and intense meeting for which we thank for.


  1. Dear project Leader and Partners!

    Thank you for the nice meeting in Lomza on the 16th of September!
    We highly appreciate the perfectly done work, namely 3 courses by PP Bialystok. We hope a lot that the effects of implementing the courses will be done on the highest level.

    Wishing to all good luck, the productive and collaborative 3rd final year of project development. Kind and warm greetings from the Trade Vocational School in Daugavpils, Latvia

  2. Dear Partners,
    Thank you for your work and involvement in the Project. The courses are really promising and the great deal of work done is impressive. We are sure our students will take great pleasure in doing them and we will try to do our best to offer support and good advice while implementing them, as well as when this phase is over.
    Kind regards,
    ZSEiO Lomza Team

  3. Dear Coleeagues,
    thank you for the good common work.
    We look forward to discuss issues related to the implementation of courses and on the effects of the implementation of courses as this is (in our opinion) key element of our project.
    Lithuanian Team