Latvian team working

Posted by on May 11, 2015

The Latvian intellectual output team is continuing to develop “method study aids” for the Moodle Platform.

Some scenarios how E-learning could improve traditional learning environment have been already analysed. We hope we are on the right way :-)

If you have any ideas please contact us! Thanks again for Lomza group advice and support, we appreciate it very much.


  1. We are currently working on the lesson plan and hope to discuss them all (the Latvian and the Lithuanian versions as well) at our next meeting in Bialystok. We’ve been also thinking of some common areas we could cover in preparing Moodle courses.

    We are coming to see you in Bialystok with our ideas for the method development. Please ‘moodle’ around the Platform before we meet and practice creating new actvities. We will have some workshop on how to use the tools available, so it would be great if you knew what we are going to talk about. :-)

    Take care and see you soon,
    ZSEiO no 6 Team

  2. Dear Partners,

    As for now almost everything is on schedule to host all of You at the end of the week. We cannot wait to have an occasion for intensive discussion once again. Translation of test courses is in progress and shall be finished by the end of the week as well.

    We hope that methodology we will be arranging soon under the supervision and main role of Latvian Team might have good effects on collaborative web based vocational education and training between our organizations at the beginning and later on who knows, maybe on European level VET.

    We also had an internal discussion on learning outcomes inside out Team, but that might be an extra topic for the forthcoming International Partners Meeting.

    See you all soon.
    Perfect Project Team

  3. This month, we had some homework. The task was to prepare lesson scenario. We are pleased that we can contribute to a common goal. We had to try the Latvian team tests and review the lessons script. We were surprised. Scenario informative and interesting. Latvian team put a lot of work and effort. Well done.
    We will try to make our work at least not worse.
    During the meeting, we hope to find out the concerns and improve our job skills on platform.

    We are looking forward to seeing you again,
    Lithuanian Team.