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Posted by on August 1, 2016

Dear Partners,

Recently we tried to reach some interesting materials about possibilities, solutions and new ideas for using Moodle. In may 2016 there was a big conference in Poland (Moodle Moot) and we reached some of the materials from that conference to use the ideas in our courses.

Now it is too late, but maybe in the “implementation” phase in 2017 we all can participate in such an event for exchange of experiences between teachers using the Moodle platform and administrators. It can give us also some ideas and inspiration as during the conference, they share ideas for effective teaching online. The participants represent different environment, look at the e-learning and the use of Moodle: in universities, schools, corporations, in the teaching of foreign languages, etc. And all this in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Let us know are you interested, as in Poland they are already making plans for the next year edition.


Perfect Project Team


  1. Looking forward to meet project participants in September 2016 in Poland and to discuss this and some relevant forthcoming project steps for desired result realization.

    Hope you enjoy summer time.

    Kind regards, Latvian team.

  2. A great idea! We are interested and will take part in such an event with pleasure. It’s never too late to learn something more about such powerful tools as Moodle, right? :-) Can’t wait to discuss everything at our next meeting in September.
    See you all,
    ZSEiO Team

  3. We are always happy if there is a chance to learn something new. We hope to find out more about it when we meet in September.

    See you all,
    Lithuanian team