“Moodling” around

Posted by on February 16, 2015

Dear Partners,

By the end of the week you will have received emails with the Platform access details. Please log in and ‘moodle’ around as much as you can and, if possible, look through the courses that are put there. Next time we meet, we will provide you with some training on how to use the Platform and hope to exchange some ideas on using it for the future actions planned in the Project.

Looking forward to meeting you in Łomża.

ZSEiO nr 6 Team


  1. It is extremely excited that our Project Coordinator from Poland has created such moodle Platform access, because we may share and download our ideas about vocational education learning materials in order to improve it. This open source learning platform opens opportunities for team work development

  2. We briefly went through the platform and already accessed some details of administrative panel – change the pass and made some updates on the user data.

    The courses that are already put there seams interesting and we hope that it will be a good start for developing more sophisticated and useful ones.

    We look forward to discuss about it durring international partners meeting tomorrow.

    See you in Łomża.

  3. After analyzing the virtual learning environment Moodle, it is clear that this particular virtual learning environment is supporting the student-oriented learning paradigm. In the case of e-learning is much more selection instruments and methods than traditional teaching. The teacher can choose from a variety of tools and methods in this platform to create effective and engaging learning solution. E-learning should not be opposed to “traditional” classroom learning. In practice, these methods are often combined together as a blended learning tool. So we hope that our common work will be used as an innovative tool for blended learning.

    Lithuanian team