Perfect Project representatives visit Prague

Posted by on April 18, 2018

April in the Perfect Project abounds in numerous international meetings. On 17 April 2018, the second working meeting of the Erasmus + project partners under the name “AlterDrive” organized by the Remesel Praha Academy was held in Prague.

The meeting was attended by members of the project delegation from Poland, Czech Republic and Spain. The project is a response to the growing demand on the European market for ecological alternative solutions for motor vehicle drives.

The development of alternative drives is very dynamic nowadays, which is why it is also necessary to deal with the preparation of the education content of future graduates in the field of motorization, so that they are well prepared for the current rapidly growing labor market.

The host of the meeting prepared a short presentation of Horizon, Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge, as well as an exhibition of vehicle models with alternative drives available at the school.

At the meeting, the partners discussed administrative and organizational issues. The project of the AlterDrive website was presented, as well as prospects for its development. In the subsequent part of the visit, reports were submitted by individual Partners regarding the implementation of the first result, which concerned the information obtained from various sources on the subject of alternative drives and the teaching model. Next, the scope of work of individual partners was determined, which were planned later in the project implementation.

One of the innovative solutions of the AlterDrive project will be a teaching method using virtual reality, a technology that allows the user to interact with the simulated environment, creating the illusion of a real car using 3D technology.

The whole meeting took place in a nice, friendly atmosphere and was crucial in achieving the intended goals of the project team. The partners also had the opportunity to get to know the charms of the beautiful Czech city of Prague.

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