Summer update

Posted by on August 10, 2015

Dear project partners,

Hope you are having excellent and very warm summer holidays. The working process on method development for MOODLE platform has been continuing to be developed.
If you are having any ideas or suggestions for us you are welcome!

Best wishes and kind greetings,
Latvian team


  1. Dear Partners,

    as next month on 18th Sept. there is a scheduled meeting in Lomza at Project Leader we are curious whether we are able to help you somehow within the processes untill that time.
    Or maybe you need any consultations about the methods just to be sure that all of us will understood it later on.
    Just let us know and we will consult it with Project Leader as well. Maybe we can schedule a MOODLE platform chat for some exact date and time or Skype teleconference? What do you think?

    Best regards,
    Perfect Project Team

  2. Thanks double for your support and given information.
    Our material concerning method development is at the final stage of processing and we will be able to present it very soon to our project participants.

    Kind regards,
    Latvian team

  3. Dear Partners,
    We think a Moodle chat or a Skype teleconference will be great. Just say which you prefer and let’s set the date and the time. We offer you help and support if needed and we are looking forward to see the effects of your work in September.
    Enjoy the last days of your summer break.
    Best regards,
    ZSEiO Lomza Team

  4. Time is running out quickly, very soon our next meeting. We can not wait to see the results of your work. We still have some time, so we offer our help (if necessary). We have also agreed that the Moodle chat or Skype teleconference is a good idea, so we are waiting for the final decision.

    See you in September,
    Lithuanian team