Testing Moodle – in progress

Posted by on January 24, 2015

Dear Partners,

We have already created our Moodle site and we’ll be testing it for the next couple of weeks.

Please follow the link here.

First we will prepare the site to our Project needs, and then, after some training, we will all start creating it together.

As far as the materials to be put on this site are concerned, we would like to start with Business English, which is quite universal and used by students in all the three schools. Please let us know what you think.

Best regards,
ZSEiO Lomza


  1. Moodle platform is a collaborative learning environment that empower both teaching and learning. It can be used any time, anywhere, on any device. This is a great learning platform to download and use learning materials. Hoping for a successful future cooperation! Latvian team

  2. Moodle- one of the most popular virtual learning environments in Lithuania, designed to
    organize training courses online. But system developed in Lithuania so quickly that now it can be called Learning Management system. Therefore, we are very excited that our school will be among such innovative schools, and can contribute to the creation of such learning system. We wish all of us a successful and meaningful work.

  3. This innovative tool developed by the Leader of the project in collaboration with partners entail easier way to assess the skills and qualifications and create the possibility of mobile use of this tool shows clearly in cross-sector and creative approach.

    We can already see that this original idea will make a significant contribution to the system and solutions in the field of vocational training.

    Perfect Project Team

  4. Platforma Moodle jest popularnym środowiskiem dla wirtualnego nauczenia. To jest wspaniała szansa dla nauczycieli i dla uczniów. Jesteśmy bardzo szczęśliwi i wdzięczni, że jesteśmy częścią tego projektu i chętni w pomaganiu napisania materiałów.

  5. Dear project participants, give please your feedback concerning the following issue: Is MOODLE platform a future for our students?