The end of stage 3

Posted by on March 17, 2016

The Lithuanian team is completing work on phase 3 of the project – to collect and develop educational materials in the form of an interactive manual. All subjects were placed on a platform. Developed and placed the final test. Maybe there are any comments or requests? In the course of testing we will be able together to discuss them and improve. Good luck in the testing manual and in the next stage of work to Perfect Project.
Best regards,
Lithuanian team


  1. Yes that is right, now we will be “in charge” ;)

    As the preparation of trainings will probably be a long process we already scheduled a first meeting for discussing details of those 3 trainings within the project “International Partnership for Improving the Quality of Teaching in Vocational Schools”on 23.03.2016 at 16:30 in Perfect Project conference room.

    If anybody would like to have a video conference live streaming please let us know in advance.

    Meeting is intend to have a brainstorming character. Following issues is about to be discussed:
    – aim of the trainings
    – results of the trainings
    – technical and key issues of preparing 3 trainings on Moodle platform in IO 4.

    Perfect Project Team

  2. Dear project participants,
    On the 15th of March intellectual output team meeting here in Daugavpils has been held. The following important issues were discussed:

    1. It is rather difficult to implement the course which will be created by Lithuanian team within 5 days eight hours per day because of the students’ practice conditions. We kindly ask 2 weeks 4 hours per working day. What month? July?
    2. A question concerning the beginning of the course. Should all students start at the same day and the same time? for exmaple, 01.07.2016.? Are there any limitations? Or from April till September any day?
    3. Unfortunately, not all themes of the course will correspond to the themes of the Latvian programme. There could occur some problems while implementation process. Our economics teacher Aleksejs is checking/reseaching his themes at this moment.

    Kind regards
    Representatives of the Latvian team Mara, Alexander, Aleksejs, Galina, Inese, Taija :)