Trainings – employers & schools

Posted by on July 10, 2017

In July we continue to conduct the last trainings for employers in companies and started the trainings at schools. We were presenting a full variety of possibilities it is giving including all of the 3 key training courses + language course and the e-marketing course (of course) which is available on the Moodle platform for the wide audience.

The next Hotel (BOSIR) took part in the training and big marketing and advertisement company (BIUROGRAF) also went through the platform resources.

In July we also had an intensive meetings conducting trainings in Podlasie vocational schools from materials posted on the platform. We already did it in schools at Kolno, Siemiatycze, Augustow, Hajnówka,  Łomża and Łapy. It was needed to do it really on intensive manner as the holidays came really fast and in that period schools are not really available for Cooperation and especially for the trainings as we would like them to participate. Please find all the reports from the trainings on our project website.

As the rest of our partners are schools as well we wish you a pleasant and sunny holidays! :)

Perfect Project Team


  1. We also wish all the partners to have a good holidays as well.
    All the best,
    Lithuanian Team

  2. We miss you all a lot and feel yourself invited to spent at least a part of your vacation in Latvia, maybe even in Daugavpils or Riga.
    Latvian Team