Working on model – starting part II

Posted by on April 20, 2015

On the 15th of April there has been held a discussion meeting in Daugavpils, Latvia and the following points have been accepted:
a) to choose 20 students who will use downloaded exercises and teaching materials on Moodle Platform;
b) to find common programmes content among all involved project partners (for example, cooking technology, economics, tourism and hospitality, trading spheres etc.);
c) Latvian team task will be to create and to develop a method strategy about Moodle Platform usage;
Let’s start a successful cooperation on the topic of programmes selection and invite our students to use Moode platform.
Many thanks to Perfect Project team for their support and advice. Best wishes from Latvian project group!
Ar cieņu,
Valentīna Garkule


  1. Dear Partners,
    it is fantastic that the Latvian team began their part of project work so enthusiastically, isn’t it? :-) We will be pleased to support you in your activities and hope to enjoy working on the method together.
    Remember that we all should take part in supporting the Latvian team. We appreciate the fact that the Perfect Project team has already made some helpful contribution to it and we hope that the Lithuanian team will also get actively involved.
    Take care and keep in touch.
    ZSEiO Lomza

  2. We are glad that one phase of our project is complete. And now we have interesting and useful tool. The first phase of the work has been successful and interesting, so we hope that the next stage will be just as good as the first. We wish the Latvian team more ideas, good work and good mood. Lithuanian team offer help and support. We are glad that you have already raised tasks to your work, because as the saying goes: A good start is half the work.

    Best wishes,
    Lithuanian team

  3. Dear All,

    last discussion in Daugavpils was really interesting also for us. We are receiving more and more information and details about methodology and methods of using this platform durring regular school days, but as we see the ideas are still evolving. The Leader from Lomza is our “oracle” concerning this topic, so we rely fully on their assessment and hope for their assistance as well.

    As agreed we will also translate the Test Course on platform into English language soon. The participants might show us clearly are we following the right path :)

    We can not wait as in May we will have another opportunity to discuss the details and work on this method.
    Best regards,
    Perfect Project Team