Following projects for education

Posted by on February 7, 2017

We are pleased to announce the further success of the company in raising funds for the development of training and education in our region.

The application to Submeasure 3.1.2 Strengthening the attractiveness and quality of the educational offer in the area of general education, focused on the development of key competencies of Podlaskie Regional Operational Programme for years 2014-2020 as a result of negotiations and substantive evaluation, another 2 projects prepared by our team received positive assessment and there are ongoing efforts to sign agreements for financing those projects.

The total value of both projects is over 1,6 million PLN in which 1,465 students and 66 teachers in the framework of both projects will be supported in the shaping and development of key competences, improving the professional competence of teachers, creation of conditions for the teaching method of experiment, support the use of ICT in schools and new methods of individualization of work with the student.

We would like to thank all for the confidence of education institutions that have benefited from our assistance in preparing applications for their schools and teacher teams.

We invite you to further cooperation.

Perfect Project Team