Job-shadowing of a teacher from Latvia in Podlasie vocational schools

Posted by on September 16, 2022

Learning by observing the work of others is usually associated with introducing a new employee. Meanwhile, job shadowing can help even experienced professionals develop. Job shadowing, according to the “Erasmus + Program Guide”, is “a short stay in a partner organization in another country in order to undergo training consisting in accompanying employees in their daily work in the host organization, as well as to exchange good practices, acquire skills and knowledge or build lasting partnerships through active observation ”. It was for this purpose that a teacher from Riga (Latvia) came to Białystok to accompany her colleagues in the work of educating students from the graphic industry and develop her professional experience.

The teacher works in the Profesionālās izglītības kompetences centrs „Rīgas Valsts tehnikums” on a daily basis. In the period of September 13-16, 2022 realized the observation of work, participated in the classes of four vocational schools in Podlaskie region, which educate in the graphic profession. It was a time rich in many experiences, interesting conversations and exchange of good practices.