Vocational training & strengthening the attractiveness and quality of education

Posted by on October 2, 2015

Today our region ended with a round of calls for proposals for co-financing projects from EU funds within the framework of the ESF under: Priority Axis III competencies and qualifications Measure 3.3 Vocational training of young people for the competitiveness of the economy of Podlaskie.

We remind you that in this competition designed for vocational schools only eligible activities include training and practice, students and teachers in enterprises.

The Managing Authority announced that in response to call within the framework of the first round they received 38 applications, which slightly exceeded the allocation for the call, which was equally 20 million PLN.

Applications can still be submitted within the second round of the call which runs from today until 28/10/2015 at 15:30 then the competition will be suspended. We invite you to joint common preparation of proposals, as using school names – this is the last call.

Parallel our region also announced a call within Measure 3.1 Training and education, Sub-measure 3.1.2 Strengthening the attractiveness and quality of the educational offer in the field of education, focused on development of key competencies.

In the competition high schools, middle schools and primary schools can now apply for a wider range of support than vocational schools covering 5 different types of projects, ie .:

  • The establishment and development of pupils or learners key competences necessary in the labor market and the right attitudes / skills;
  • Improving skills and professional competence of teachers in applying methods and organizational forms conducive to the formation and development of students or listeners key competences necessary in the labor market and the right attitudes / skills;
  • Comprehensive programs to create conditions in schools and the education system for teaching based on the method of the experiment in teaching science and mathematics;
  • Support for increasing the use of ICT in schools and the education system;
  • Comprehensive programs to assist school or institution education system leading general education in the field of individualization of work with pupils with special educational needs, including the disabled and support for the younger student.

The allocation earmarked for these purposes has 16 million PLN and applications may be submitted until 20/11/2015.

We invite you to cooperation and applying in joint proposals.
Perfect Project Team