Project consortium:
Perfect Project Sp. z o.o., Bialystok, Poland
Vilniaus agroekologijos mokymo centra, Baltosios Voks, Lithuania
HumaCapiAct, Turin, Italy

Project period 01/12/2020 – 30/11/2022

The main goal will be achieved when we achieve the following specific objectives:
– increasing the quality and efficiency of vocational education in the agri-food industry in response to current trends,
– developing new skills for practicing educators and equipping them with competences and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality educational services and in response to
current trends,
– raising awareness of environmental problems and climate change issues.


Current project news


On May 21, 2021 the first meeting of the participants of the “AGROPLUS” project, qualified for the main and reserve lists, took place. The topics of the report on current trends in food logistics, which will be developed by the above-mentioned people before going on a practical course in Turin (Italy). During the meeting, we also raised the issue of organizing the trip, among others date, proposed date and logistic details. We invite you to read the content of the report, the completion of which is planned for the end of September this year. It will be made available on our social media, on the website in the project tab and in the Project Office.



Perfect Project team wishes you a healthy and peaceful Easter!



On March 26, 2021 next meeting of the partners took place, which was carried out in the online formula. The constantly growing epidemic made it impossible to carry out the traditional meeting, which was planned in March 2021. During the meeting, the partners agreed the scope of the report on the exchange of good practices in the partnership containing current trends in food logistics (including analysis of the current state of transport organization in the trade of fresh fruit and vegetables, the size and structure of logistics costs, methods of reducing losses in supplies, pro-ecological trends and changes in food logistics and transport), discussed issues related to the finances of the project and the impact of the pandemic on project activities.



Perfect Project team wishes you a warm, family Christmas and all the best in your private and professional life!



On December 1, 2020, started the implementation of a new project entitled AGROPLUS within the Erasmus + Program. The project is a response to environmental problems and issues related to climate change and assumes the implementation of an action aimed at adapting the effects of education to the expectations of employers in the agri-food industry and the changing needs of the labor market by preparing and training teachers in the subject of MODERN PRO-ECOLOGICAL TRENDS IN FOOD LOGISTICS by an experienced institution from Italy – a country that is the second, after Spain, direction of fresh goods (vegetables and fruit) import in Poland and Lithuania. During the training, they will learn about the results of research and experience on new trends in the logistics of fresh goods, reduction of losses in food supplies, ideas for pro-ecological activities in logistics of supplies, meeting the increase in environmental awareness of the society. The above issues regarding the transfer of good practices in logistics for fresh goods deliveries and the training program are based on the needs of employers.

The pandemic thwarted plans to organize the first meeting of partners, which was to take place in Poland. However, due to the need to implement the project for implementation, an on-line meeting was conducted, and the meeting of partners was postponed to the first possible date in the first quarter of 2021.

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