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International Partnership for Improving the Quality of Teaching in Vocational Schools

within strategic partnerships developed in the sector “KA2 Education and Vocational Training”


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Trainings – employers & schools

Posted by on July 10, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 2 comments

In July we continue to conduct the last trainings for employers in companies and started the trainings at schools. We were presenting a full variety of possibilities it is giving including all of the 3 key training courses + language course and the e-marketing course (of course) which is available on the Moodle platform for the wide audience. The next Hotel (BOSIR) took part in the training and big marketing and advertisement company (BIUROGRAF) also went through the platform resources. In July we also had an intensive meetings conducting trainings in Podlasie vocational schools from materials posted on the platform. We already did it in schools at Kolno, Siemiatycze, Augustow, Hajnówka,  Łomża and Łapy. It was needed to do it really on intensive manner as the holidays came really fast and in that period schools are not really available for Cooperation and especially for the trainings as we would like them to participate. Please find all the reports from the trainings on our project website. As the rest of our partners are schools as well we wish you a pleasant and sunny holidays! 🙂 Perfect Project...

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Final conference – final results achieved

Posted by on June 12, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 2 comments

A final international dissemination seminar “Teaching quality improvement of vocational education institutions in the context of international cooperation”, took place in Lomza, Poland. On the seminar in Poland were presented all the results and outcomes of the still ongoing project. All the honour guests and speakers which gave very interesting remarks and conclusions was a key point of the dissemination. We also had a possibility to describe the project in details for National Agency representative who honored us with her presence. Because outcomes of the project is still in final stage – the Moodle platform adopted to modern educational processes in vocational schools available on: is open for final adjustments which will last untill end of the project in August 2017 and will continue to “be alive” and evolving even after the project is finished. Reagards, Perfect Project Team...

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Employers trainings

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 2 comments

Perfect Project has started in the end of April and for the whole May will continue to develop project actions focused on conducting trainings in the premises of employers regarding the use of the strategic training system on project Moodle platform. As for now we are already after 4 such trainings in companies: Ideal, MPO, Lakis and GASTRO. It was great experience and it also showed some things which need to be developed on our project platform. We are alredy working on that. Untill the end of May still two big players on the market will be trained: representatives of Bialystok Technological Park and IBIS Hotel. Please find all the reports (in Polish) at the top of our project website. Regards, Perfect Project...

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Dissemination in Lithuania

Posted by on April 8, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 2 comments

Regarding international dissemination seminar “Teaching quality improvement of vocational education institutions in the context of international cooperation”, Baltoji Vokes, Lithuania we would like to thank all the partners for closing of hard work during the Intelectual Output results preparation and for very warm hosting us there. We as a Perfect Project are still working on “our part of the job” to make it final before conference in Lomza in Poland. Please till that time verify with us all the outcomes and courses of the project on the Moodle platform adopted to modern educational processes in vocational schools you can find on: All the best, Perfect Project...

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International dissemination seminar in Latvia

Posted by on March 25, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 2 comments

On behalf of all the project partners: Economic and General Education School Complex No. 6 Lomza (Lider from Poland); Perfect Project Ltd. Bialystok (Poland); Vilnius Technology Business and Agricultural School in Baltosios Vokės (Lithuania), we would like to thank the host – the project team from Daugavpils Trade Vocational High School for great experience durring the dissemination seminar. Please bare in mind that the next scheduled meeting of the project participants will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania – April 7, 2017, where will take place also an international seminar, but the project final conference will take place in Poland, Lomza – June 9, 2017. Best regards, Perfect Project...

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Forthcomming meeting – see you all in Daugavpils :)

Posted by on February 8, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 3 comments

For all of us just to remind that on 17 February 2017 there will be held the international meeting at the Latvian Partner in Daugavpils. At the meeting we will continue to discuss the effects of implemented courses and make comments and corrections to them. The study materials in English will also be taken into account and made for possible comments by Leader and Partners. If there is an issue that you believe should be included in the agenda of the meeting, please feel free to comment below. Greeting, Perfect Project...

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Vocational English language course

Posted by on January 17, 2017 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 3 comments

There is an ongoing preparation of materials with professional English language by a team of Perfect Project. Most likely at the next meeting in February we will have the opportunity to present the final version of the materials after consultations with both Leader and Partners. After placing them on the platform, we are counting on the comments, here but also below the materials placed on the Moodle e-learning platform of the Project. Greeting, Perfect...

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Testing & correcting the courses

Posted by on December 8, 2016 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 3 comments

At the request of the Project Partners, who test prepared courses we will be introducing systematically reported adjustments and corrections. For further comment please do not hesitate to leave the comment on the test courses forums and also here in the forum. Greeting, Perfect Project Team

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Meeting in Lithuania

Posted by on November 8, 2016 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 3 comments

During the meeting in Lithuania 04.11.2016 pointed remarks and comments resulting from the implementation of the ICT course – Latvia, ethics in business – Lithuania, communication – Lomza. It also identifies the need for further verification of courses by pupils and teachers during the process of testing them. All project partners have indicated important notes of improvement courses to educational requirements.

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Working on the platform

Posted by on October 21, 2016 in Info Exchange Platform K2 | 2 comments

We are verifying the trainings on the basis of technical and content-related requirements by the Leader and the project partner. Working on the platform in order to prepare classes as part of trainings under result 4 in the field of Business Ethics, ICT and Communication. Translating the topics and technically preparing the trainings under result 4 in the field of Business Ethics, ICT and Communication. Verifying technical and content-related specifications of developed trainings which will be put on platform.

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